Arizona Auction License

Arizona Auction License

Arizona Auction License is a necessity if you consider a career in this sphere. Though it seems difficult at first glance, it’s not in reality. We have prepared this article to help you know more about the topic.

Types of license owners

  • New Motor Vehicle Dealer (NMVD) permit is for an individual who sells, buys, or exchanges new and pre-owned autos.
  • Used Motor Vehicle Dealer (UMVD) purchases or sells exclusively used cars.
  • Public Consignment Auction Dealer (PCAD) provides public auto consignment or other services.
  • Brokers organize or assist the purchase of a machine and gain profit or commission in return.
  • Automotive Recycler (AR) is for purchasing vans for selling, dismantling, or disposing of their separate parts.
  • A wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer (WMVD) is a specialist who sells pre-owned automobiles to a certified middleman. The name of this dealership indicates the transaction must be on a wholesale basis.
  • Wholesale Motorized Vehicle Auction Dealer (WMVAD) delivers auction services. But again, that is only in wholesale deals.
  • Manufacturer franchises Arizona-certified motorized vehicle dealers to make or sell their products. Importantly enough, manufacturers don’t sell a product to consumers directly.
  • Manufacturers of Trailers (MT) can sell their products to consumers in special cases.

Application procedure

Above all, remember that you cannot submit paper requests because it is no longer accepted. To put it differently, you have to apply online or via mail. The entity that accepts requests is the DLU (Dealer Licensing Unit).

The other important thing to consider is that each type of certification requires different application packages. For the requirements of a particular one, check the official website.

Steps to follow

However, some processes are similar in all categories. Let’s find out how to get the desired document.

  1. First of all, go through all the above-mentioned categories of certifications and choose the one that you want.
  2. Subsequently, fill in the form and present the other necessary documents such as a copy of the Transaction Privilege Tax license, Authorized Presence form, etc.
  3. Afterward, obtain Surety Bond. The costs for this vary for each category.
    NMVD, UMVD, PCAD – S100,000
    Brokers, WMVD, WMVAD – $25,000
    AR – $20,000
  4. Then, submit a criminal background check and obtain a fingerprint card. There are two ways to do this: either submit online or by mail. Note that the payment is $22.00. In the same fashion, the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) requires a completed personal history statement. All these measures are to keep high ethical standards. Yet, owners who are stakeholders of less than 20% are exempt from this requirement.
  5. Simultaneously, you have to have a building and a lot.
  6. Eventually, you ought to register your business and get your permanent location. This means that you need to present physical location photos. They ought to show all the area of the building, the whole lot territory, office, and business signage (visible from 300 feet). Another key point is to indicate the address and hrs/days of operation.
  7. Finally, after presenting all the docs and payment checks, you will receive your permit within about 30 to 60 days.
  8. Last but not least, you can change the owner, business name, physical location, or operating hours. In addition, there is also an option to cancel your request.


Below you will see the overview of costs for dealerships.

  • The filing fee is $15.00.
  • The license payment for manufacturers is $100.00.
  • As I have noted above, surety bond fees differ.


Unlike a Utah auction license, which expires each 30th of June, here, the licenses are good for exactly 1 year. To rephrase, one year from the day of issuance, you have to renew it. To do that just visit the Service Arizona website.

For a username and/or password, call 866-436-9533 or email this address: [email protected].


In case you have a qualification from another state, you may transfer it to AZ.

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