Arizona Barber License

Arizona Barber License

Are you looking into a career in the beauty industry? Do you want an Arizona barber license? You are in the right direction. There are several essentials on your way. We will walk you through the necessary steps.

Complete a Cosmetology Program

To start with, you must be at least 16 years old. Equally important is holding a high school diploma (or its equivalent). After that, you may enroll in an approved program. It had better consist of a minimum of 1500 hours. 250 hours are for hygiene and bacteriology. Additionally, histology of nerves and muscles. In like manner, the rest is for cutting, coloring, and shaving hair.

To sum up, the training supplies with useful skills.

Submit an Application

The Board of Barbers handles the whole process. Thus, you should apply them for licensure. So, fill in the application form and sign it. Meanwhile, provide required documents. For example, proof of tenth-grade instruction. Also, training certification and a Social Security number (SSN). The initial fee is $40.

Once they confirm your request, you qualify for the upcoming tests. Make sure you receive the location and scheduled date (7 days before).


The next step is taking the required exams. They consist of written and practical portions. They cost $100.
The former contains questions of profession. It is in English. Foreigners have a personal interpreter (or reader). The precondition is that he/she is not a certified cosmetologist or teacher. In other words, she cannot have a beautician education.

The latter covers stylist procedures and practices. You need to demonstrate haircutting and equipment abilities. Bring a model as well as your supplies with you.

In case you fail any section, you can retake it. In the long run, do not cheat or use wireless technology. Otherwise, the $100 fee will be forfeited. The passing score is 75%.

As soon as you get it, you work in hair salons. There are lots of employment opportunities. The job includes the following:

  • Clipping and trimming
  • Haircuts
  • Using wigs and extensions
  • Coloring, bleaching, and dyeing
  • Massaging with oils and lotions

Renewal of Certification

The permit is issued for two years. It is due to expire on your birthday. Just file a renewal letter and pay $80. There are no demands for CE courses. Even so, it is preferable to stay in touch with current trends.

When it expires, it becomes invalid. That is why you ought to complete it on time.

License Reciprocity

Residents of given states can transfer their permissions. Arizona has agreements with them.

  • Arkansas, California, Delaware
  • Indiana, Iowa, Kansas
  • Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine
  • Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi
  • New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio
  • South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas
  • Wisconsin, Wyoming

There are eight others, too.

How to Check a Hairdresser’s Credentials?

It is always a good idea to see if a person is authorized or not. That ensures proficiency. There are many verification tools. Enter the number and select the jurisdiction. The mechanism provides information on the licensee. So, you might see whether it is valid or not.

Top Schools

  • Avalon Institute
  • All Beauty College
  • Dunbar Academy
  • East Valley Institute of Technology

Contact Information

1740 W. Adams, Suite 3011
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-4498

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