Arizona Business License

Arizona Business License

Thinking about having your own business and don’t know how to start? For many businesses in Arizona you will need to have Arizona Business License. Arizona business license lookup will help you to find if you need to have a license for your business, or to find out how to conduct Arizona business licenses search and how to register your business.

How do I look up a business in Arizona?

You can use Arizona Business license lookup or AZ Business License lookup. You can look up a business in Arizona Corporation Commission website. If you are searching for a business license it is easy if you have the license number, person’s name, or company’s name.

You can also use the Arizona business license lookup on License Lookup or AZ State website. Along with providing a State of Arizona business license lookup, you can search for licenses in other states, as well.

Does Arizona require a business license?

Arizona does not require a state business license, however, most city offices issue business licenses. Some may only require businesses that are based within their jurisdiction to obtain their license; others may require anyone conducting business within their city limits to obtain their license.

How do I register my small business in Arizona?

Like the other states of the US (such as Kentucky), Arizona also has some requirements that everyone must meet. To register your business in Arizona you should pass the following steps:

  • Choose a name
    You can use the Arizona Secretary of State website for available business names. After choosing one, you can register the name as a trade name. A trade name is effective for 5 years. If you are going to have a website that is the same as the entity name, you will need to buy a website domain.
  • Choose an entity type
    Choose an entity type for the business (corporation, nonprofit corporation, or Limited Liability Company).
  • Submit your formation documentation with the Arizona Corporation Commission. It will take some time before you get your approval with the further instructions.
  • Complete a Transaction Privilege Tax application
    You will need to complete a Transaction Privilege Tax application with the Arizona Department of Revenue.
  • Register the business entity with the city in which the business is located.
  • You will need to have Employer Identification Number and Tax Identification Number
    You can obtain your EIN and TIN through Internal Revenue Service website.

After passing all these steps may also need to open a business bank account.

How much does it cost for a business license in Arizona?

For your Initial Business license you will need to pay $168. You will need to renew your license annually and pay for it $84. If you should pass Public Safety Background Check you should pay $22. Sales and Use Tax application fee is $10.

Can you run a business without a business license in Arizona?

In Arizona, not all businesses are required to have a license, and some businesses must have more than one license. Depending on the type of business, you may be subject to other taxes or licenses, such as if you conduct business involving liquor, tobacco, or bingo.

You can learn more and apply for your license in Arizona Department of Revenue website.

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