Arizona Contractor License

Arizona Contractor License

Licensing is a huge part of the world of construction. Each state has its own licensing requirements for contractors, and contracting without a license can have significant consequences. We hope that this article will make things a little easier for those who are in the contracting industry in Arizona.

Let’s take a look at who exactly needs a contractor license in Arizona. You do not need to do Arizona contractors license lookup, you can find answers to the most popular and key questions below.

Does Arizona require a contractor’s license?

According to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website, any person or company that “contracts or offers to contract to build, exchange, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, move, break down or demolish any building, highway, road, railway, excavation or other structure, development or improvement is required to have a license. This applies to any construction work in Arizona where the cost of labor and material exceeds $1,000.

How do I get a general contractor’s license in Arizona?

To become licensed and appear on an Arizona contractor license lookup, multiple licensing and registration requirements must be met properly in order to operate as a contractor in the State of Arizona. In addition to passing a laws and rules exam as well as a trade exam unique to the type of work they do, contractor applicants are expected to request a license application. Find the answers for the most searched questions for AZ contractor license lookup just scrolling down.

In almost every state, there are a few principal steps:

  • Send an application
    Pass an exam in Business Law (In Arizona, this is called the Statutes and Rules exam)
  • Passing a Technical exam
    The purpose of the application is to enroll you in the state in which you are. This is so that they can tax you and check that you have knowledge that is verifiable.The aim of the review of the Statutes and Rules is to ensure that you understand the laws of running a business in the state of Arizona.The aim of the Technical exam is to ensure that you have the skills and expertise to do the kinds of work that you want to do.Before submitting a contractual license application in Arizona, there are a few steps to take. To go from a handyman to a licensed contractor, see below.
  • Required materials to pick up
    If you’re looking for the results of Arizona contractor license lookup, you can find it here.A license and exam application would need to be picked up. You get this from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, a local office. You can also download these online and print them out.
  • Determine a qualifying party
    A qualifying party is someone with the requisite expertise, experience, and abilities for the sake of this application. This can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership member, an LLC member, a corporate officer or a contracting company employee.
  • Meet minimum requirements for exams with experience
    First, to be eligible for a license, you must have four years or more of contracting experience. The Arizona Contractor Statutes and Rules Examination and the Trade Exam must be passed as well.If you are a foreman, supervisor, journeyman, or contractor, you might be eligible for credit here. View the Arizona License Classification Requirements and check to see if you meet these standards (RC-L-206B).
  • Pass the exam
    You must take and pass both exams with a 70 percent or higher rate once you meet the minimum requirements for the exam. Registration for these exams is available through the PSI online portal at all times.
  • Pass a background check
    Then, both the applicant and the qualifying party must complete a criminal background check and pass it. This can be achieved on the website of the Contractor’s Registrar. See the Background Check page for Licensing.
  • Create a legal business entity
    Only if you are a legal entity you can obtain an Arizona contractor’s license. You must have registered through the Corporation Commission of the state. The Arizona Corporation Commission offers tools for starting qualifying companies on their website.
  • File a bond
    The applicant must then submit the Contractor’s Bond for the amount requested by the Board. The amount required will vary depending on the type of license the person is applying for and the total gross volume of projects completed by the applicant. This bond can be a surety or cash bond. Alternatively, it can be in the form of a CD from any bank operating in Arizona.
  • Submit an ID
    A copy of their ID (government-issued only) along with their application will also need to be submitted by the applicant and the qualifying party. Either a passport or a valid driver’s license can be used.
  • Send with your application
    Once you have completed all of the above steps, all components should be submitted via mail to the address below:
    Registrar of Contractors
    P.O. Box 6748
    Phoenix, AZ 85005-6748
  • You may also email the request in person at the address below:
    1700 W. Washington Street
    Suite 105
    Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812
  • Worker’s compensation
    The last thing needed by the State of Arizona is to purchase insurance for workers’ compensation, taking the risky aspect of the job into account. This is for any employees you may have.
  • Pay fees
    To cover a 2-year period, you will now have to pay the fees required. Based on your license classification, the amount can vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1100.

You will then receive your registration information (or a rejection notification) and appear in an Arizona contractors license lookup.

Is it illegal to hire an unlicensed contractor in Arizona?

Arizona law allows contractors without a license to do certain jobs that cost less than $1,000, including labor, materials and other items. This is commonly referred to as a limited-service Arizona “handyman” exemption. For instance, if the work requires a local building permit or includes a service dealing with fire, gas or life safety, there are situations where the exemption does not apply.

You can conduct an AZ contractors license lookup at the top of this website. To see the results, simply enter some basic data.

How much work can you do without a contractor license in Arizona?

All contractors have to be licensed? Generally, a license is required if labor and materials surpass $1,000 or an authorization is required (regardless of the cost of labor and materials).

If you are looking for the results of the AZ contractors license lookup, you can find it here.

What is ROC AZ?

In1931, the Arizona Legislature set up the Registrar of Contractors. The ROC licenses residential and commercial contractors and controls them. ROC workers investigate and work to resolve licensed contractors and unlicensed companies to settle complaints. ROC AZ protects the health, safety and welfare of the public with a regulatory system designed to ensure quality construction for Arizona contractors.

The ROC is a 90/10 agency. This implies that:

  • The agency is funded by 90% of its licensing fees
  • The remaining 10% of licensing fees are deposited with the General State
  • The agency does not receive State General Fund money

How much does it cost to get a contractors license in Arizona?

The fees for the license of a contractor depend on the type and class of license to which the applicant applies.

General Commercial (A, B-1, B-2)$200$580$0$780
Specialty Commercial (C)$100$480$0$580
General Residential (B, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-10)$180$320$370$870
Specialty Residential (R)$80$270$370$720
General Dual (KA, KB-1, KB-2)$200$480$370$1,050
Specialty Dual (CR)$100$380$370$850

Can I use my California Contractors License in Arizona?

When using the AZ contractor license lookup, you will notice there are several possible requirements. In Nevada, California and Utah, for instance, an Arizona contractor, similar to one in California, can apply, as all four states have reciprocal agreements. You have to apply separately to each new state and acceptance is not assured, even though you meet the requirements.



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