Arizona CPA License

Arizona CPA License

Thinking of becoming an accountant and wondering how to become a CPA? Or maybe you need to check if someone is a licensed CPA in Arizona? Arizona CPA license lookup will open for you the Arizona State Board of Accountancy website, where you can check if the accountant is licensed CPA or not.

How do I get my CPA license in Arizona?

If you wish to become a licensed CPA in Arizona, you should start with your education. You will need to have at least bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. You should pass:

  • 36 non duplicative semester hours of accounting, including at least 30 non duplicative hours of upper level accounting courses.
  • 30 semester hours of related courses such us Business Administration, Statistics, CS, Economics etc.

After graduating the university, you should pass the Uniform CPA exam. You will need to pay $100 as an initial application fee and find the application form for the exam though this link.

You should fill the form, attach the payment and your official transcript and send to this address:

The Arizona State Board of Accountancy
100 North 15th Ave., Ste. 165
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

You will receive NTS (Notice to Schedule) and schedule your exam.

You should have 2000 hours of experience under the supervision of licensed CPA in Arizona.

Then complete the American Institute of CPAs ethic course managed by the Arizona Society of CPAs.

Now you are ready to apply for your Arizona CPS license. Fill the application, attach all the required document and submit to the Arizona State Board of Accountancy.

Is CPA license transferable from Arizona to another state?

Basically in the most states the requirements for the licensed CPA is the same: bachelor’s degree, a minimum one year of experience and successful completion of the Uniform CPA exam. So, it is possible to transfer your Arizona CPA license to another state. The procedure and steps depends on the states. Here you can check the possibility of the transferring your license.

How do you look up if someone is a CPA in Arizona?

If you want to check is someone is a CPA in Arizona you can use CPA license lookup Arizona or Arizona CPA license lookup. In the Arizona State Board of Accountancy official website you can check the validity of CPA license. You will need to go to CPA Directory and enter the name or the certificate number. You may also use our search above.

How long is CPA license valid in Arizona?

The Arizona CPA license is valid for two year. Each renewal period you should 80 hours of Continuing Professional Education. CPE must include 16 hours of in-person or online instruction and a minimum of 40 hours in accounting, auditing, taxation, business law, or consulting services, 16 hours of which must be in the areas of accounting, auditing, or taxation. Continuing Professional Education must also include four hours of ethics education specific to practice in Arizona, with one hour in accounting related ethics and one hour in Board statutes and rules. In general, the biennial registration fee is $300.

If you’re looking to verify Arizona CPA Licenses, you can scroll up and use the top search for lookup.

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