Arizona HVAC License

Arizona HVAC License

Are you eager to work as an air conditioning and refrigerator employee? Or maybe you want to go deep into this profession and become a master in your sphere. If so, then you are in the right place to explore more about Arizona HVAC License and the way of requiring HVAC Certification in Arizona.

What certification is needed for HVAC in Arizona?

HVAC field differs from state to state in United States. AZ doesn’t require high-level technicians to own a license. This is an important fact for a student to know if they want to have this level of work in Arizona. Nevertheless, HVAC contractor should follow Arizona HVAC License requirements.

HVAC contractors are licensed by the state in 3 options: residential, commercial or residential/commercial. There is a professional two-part exam with the passing score for each choice.

Residential HVAC contractors take C-39 exam, commercial contractors take the K-39 and residential/commercial contractors take the L-39 exam.

How to get an HVAC license in Arizona?

Getting your HVAC license in Arizona is a bit tough process, but later with a little guidance, it proves to be the contrary. In AZ the person who makes more than $1000 for HVAC services should have a contractor license. This is called the Air Conditioning or Refrigeration License.

There are 3 HVAC License Options in AZ։

  • Residential or R-39
  • Commercial or C-39
  • Dual License or CR-39

Arizona HVAC License Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Form of USA Issued Identification
  • Social Security Number
  • No probation or Parole periods

You must also possess:

  • 4 years of journeyman level experience
  • Verification of work experience in at least 7 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration projects
  • Verification of experience by the companies
  • A business entity

Does Arizona require a contractor’s license?

It is important for HVAC contractors and those who are responsible for refrigeration services to possess an Arizona HVAC License, even though technicians are not supposed to be licensed in Arizona.

Therefore, getting the keys of this profession in a technical school and handing in an exam to get your license, will make you a master in your sphere and a brilliant employee for technical companies.

How do you verify HVAC certification in Arizona?

When you pass all exams for HVAC certification in AZ you get in licensure for a period of 2 years. Use the search above to check the HVAC licensing information or visit Arizona Registrar of Contractors website for more details.

How much does HVAC certification cost in Arizona?

There are different exams to pass in AZ to get a certification. Each exam has its own requirements and fees.

The applicant should have 4 years of previous experience related to the sphere and they should pay the bonds required by the state, based on what they hope for to earn in annual revenue.

HVAC certification costs differ in Arizona. Residential, commercial and residential/commercial HVAC exams and their costs vary:

  • C-39 license requires a fee of $320.00
  • K-39 license requires a fee of $645.00
  • L-39 license requires a fee of $1,125.00․
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