Arizona Nursing License

Arizona Nursing License

If are you thinking of getting your nursing license or if you want to confirm that someone you know is a licensed nurse the Arizona Board of Nursing license lookup makes this easy to check. The Arizona State Board of Nursing license lookup offers the simplest way to check if someone is licensed. You can just enter the name or license number and get information from the Arizona Nursing License lookup in seconds.

How do I verify a Nursing License in Arizona?

If you want to verify someone’s nursing license you should first know which kind of license you are looking for: RN/LPN License or AP Certificate, CNA Certificate or LNA License. You can verify the nursing license by Arizona State Board of Nursing lookup. You can do your search through or use this link.

How can you find out if someone is a nurse in Arizona?

The best and official way to find out if someone is a nurse in Arizona is the Arizona State Board of Nursing’s website, as required by The Joint Commission, of licensure/certification status for all nursing licenses nursing issued in the state of Arizona. The license lookup information for nurses is updated on a daily basis. You can find the information by phone, email or mail. You can check the nurse’s background and learn about the education.

How long is an Arizona nursing license good for?

The Arizona Nursing License for RN/LPN is valid for 4 years. You should pass one of the following requirements to renew your license:

  • Practice as a nurse for 960 hours or more in the past 5 years,
  • Graduate from a nursing program and obtain a degree within past 5 years,
  • Complete an Arizona Board approved refresher course in the past 5 years,
  • Obtain an advanced nursing degree in the past 5 years (i.e. LPN to RN, RN to BSN, masters, or doctorate).

The CMAs are required to renew their Arizona Nursing License every 2 years. To renew your license you should:

  • Practice as an medication assistant for a minimum of 160 hours within the past 2 years,
  • You should have a current licensed nursing assistant license.

For the CNAs also the Arizona Nursing License is valid for 2 years.

How do I get a copy of my nursing license in Arizona?

The Arizona State Board of Nursing No Longer Issues Hard Copies for Licenses and Certificates. Starting from September 21, 2018, The Arizona State Board of Nursing made a decision to stop issuing license and certificate hard copies. For the LPN/RN/APRN you can verify the license through the

And for the CNA/LNA/CMA you can verify the license through the License/Certificate Verification Portal.

Is Arizona a compact state for nursing?

In Arizona, you should pass an exam to be a registered or practical nurse. So, for RNs and PNs Arizona is a Nurse Compact state. If you are from the other compact state you won’t need to apply for licensure, unless you are not considering Arizona as your primary state of licensing. If Arizona is your Primary State of Residency, which means that you pay taxes, hold a driver’s license and vote there, you should apply for your license in Arizona.

How much is an Arizona nursing license?

The payments you are going to make for your Arizona Nursing License depends on what type of license you are applying for. The education requirements for each type of license is different.

Depending on school or university you choose you may pay starting from $1,250 to $43,000. Of course there are many scholarships and opportunities to cover your education fee or a part of it.

After completing your education and obtaining a degree you should pass exams to apply for your Arizona Nursing License.

To be a Certified Medication Assistant you should work for a minimum of 6 months as an LNA/CNA, and don’t have any complaints/restrictions on the certificate or license. For CMA you should complete a medication training program and pass an Arizona written and skills test for CMA’s. The CMA exam and endorsement fee is $50.

To be a Certified Nursing Assistant or Licensed Nursing Assistant you should have 20 years of experience as a regulating Certified Nursing Assistant. For CNA you don’t need to apply for the license. But for the LNA you should meet the CNA educational and exam requirements, submit an application, fingerprints and make some payments. For the application you will need to pay $50 as well as for the fingerprints.

For more information about the payments you can visit the following page.

If you want to learn which state are Compact Nursing State you can scroll up and search in website.

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