Arizona Plumbing License

Arizona Plumbing License

Arizona has very strict laws and regulations in the sphere of plumbing. It is a very complicated job and contains risks to the health and security of society. Consequently, the state issues special certification for plumbers.

Details About Arizona Plumbing License

Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) is a national body that provides licensure to the professionals of the sphere. All of them must operate under the public authorization, or they can be an apprentice under the supervision of a certified contractor. The ROC also maintains monthly Applicant Education Seminars to give answers to all the questions and help the applicants to navigate the process. On their website, they also offer a detailed guide on Applying for a Certificate.

The state has no certification for apprentice or journeyman levels. However, you may find three accessible specialty certificates for Plumbing Contractors. They are Commercial C-37, Residential R-37 (including Solar), and Dual CR-37 (includes both commercial and residential).

The type you need is connected to the job that you are doing. You should have four years of experience with each one. Moreover, you must pass the exams on Rules, Statues, and applicable Trade.


  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • A formal educational base in this sphere is a must (diploma, program certificate, or local college degree).
  • You have to obtain a formal or non-formal apprenticeship. This means that you either participate in training in the local union and relevant organizations, or you may be a beginner in this trade and work under the supervision of an authorized contractor.
  • Any type of licensure requires a minimum of 4 years of experience.
  • You have to pass the Exam on Statues and Rules and Trade exam. There are certain accessible payments for each of them.

After completing the above-mentioned requirements, you may submit to background checks and form a lawful entity (Sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation). Each of these entities has to be registered through such state agencies, as the Corporation Commission or Secretary of State.

After registering, pay application fees and receive the permit. You have to renew it every 2 years.

You can get more information by contacting ROC. It is situated at 3838 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012, or call them at 602-542-1525.

Associated Costs

To become a professional in the field of plumbing, you have to take part in informal or formal training courses. Formal ones include technical or community colleges. You also can attend vocational schools. As for informal training, you can take an apprenticeship, learn and earn money simultaneously. In your educational way as an informal trainee, you may face fees but, generally, employers cover them. Moreover, while learning, your salary will rise.

To give you a short insight into the costs of this sphere, we want to mention average payments of education and licensing. For example, the education as a trainee in Phoenix through the Local UA Plumbers and Pipefitters 469 program costs $5,200. It is a five-year program, and as a member of the union, you earn money from the very beginning of work.

As for contractor licensing fees, they vary a lot. You have to pay:

  • the specialty commercial application fee of $100 and $480 for the certification. The renewal cost is $480.
  • specialty residential application charge of $80. For the authorization, you have to pay $270, plus $370 for recovery fund assessment. $540 is necessary for the renewal.
  • also, specialty Dual application fee of $100. The certificate price is $380, plus $370 for recovery fund assessment. $650 is for renewal.

You have to renew these certificates every two years.

For the examinations, you have to pay extra money. Each exam is $66, for two portions $116 and $156, including the Solar portion.

License Reciprocity

The question is if your Arizona plumbing license works in other states. The answer is yes, as the state reciprocates with Utah, California, and Nevada for the exams of this trade. In AZ, if you have an out-of-state license in this field, you may apply for a waiver by completing a special request form.

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