Arizona Teaching License

Arizona Teaching License

The following article is about how to get a teaching license in Arizona. It covers the whole process of how to get it, it gives information on how to update your papers, about permissions and reciprocity. Learn what kind of documents to prepare, where to send them, or how to do it on an online basis.

Arizona teaching license is attained through the Department of Education Certification Unit (ADECU). Before inquiring about a permit, take the Arizona Education Proficiency Assessments test (AEPA). Besides, you have to pass a quiz from National Evaluation Series. The information about the process is in the next section.

Application Process

A credited tutor should have these before requesting the paper:

  • bachelor’s degree in a certified college and/or a university
  • record of academic preparation program completion
  • coursework on the desired area of study
  • passing score on AEPA
  • verified fingerprints card

After gathering all these documents, apply by sending mail to the ADECU PO box 6490 Phoenix, AZ 85005-6490. Or, go through American Board to fill out the form; or call this number: 877-669-2228. For imprints, go to the Arizona Department of Public Safety to obtain verified prints (IVP). Without the IVP, you will not collect the document.

There is a two-tier system that an instructor applies for:

  • a beginner temporary qualification related to their field
  • an advanced standard certificate after gaining some skills in teaching

The grants are based on the grade level they are going to train as well.

The price for the grant and an additional approved discipline is $60. You should wait for a week or two to receive it. Although during peak seasons, it may last six weeks.

Renewal of Licenses

Teachers update their proof within two months of their three-year temporary schooling certificate to a standard one. The ADECU has certain requirements:

  • completion of “Application to Convert”
  • photocopy of your imprints
  • application cost
  • proof of experience
  • background in the specified area for the class

The regular permission is valid for six years. Although, you need to refresh it within 6 months of its end date. If you wish to renew the regular one, then make sure to have the following:

  • 180 hours teaching/ or 12 hours study courses, that is verified by transcript (Together with that, your school district should also confirm it.)
  • background check
  • renewal fees
  • the photocopy of your fingerprint card


If you want to know, whether you are allowed to proceed with your work or not, this section is for you. There are states, schooling grants of which are recognized in AZ:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • New York and many others

If you do not live there but want to receive a professor’s position, then you should qualify for a Reciprocal Provisional Teacher Certification. However, it depends on your previous skills.

For out-of-state teachers seeking to obtain an Arizona teaching certificate, the reciprocity pathway provides an avenue to recognize the qualifications and experience gained elsewhere. To be eligible for reciprocity, applicants must hold a valid teaching certificate from another state and have completed a teacher preparation program that meets Arizona's standards. Additionally, they must provide evidence of at least two years of full-time teaching experience or meet specific testing requirements. Once the application is reviewed and approved, the out-of-state teacher is granted an Arizona teaching certificate, allowing them to teach in Arizona's public schools. This process acknowledges the professional credentials of educators from across the United States, facilitating a smoother transition into the Arizona education system while maintaining high standards for teaching professionals.

Permit Reciprocity

Out-of-state professors may transfer their records, but they should have the following:

  • valid credentials in their hometown
  • imprints
  • up-to-date paper

There are 2 types of subjects and/ or exams that they should take within three years of getting certification:

  • State Constitution
  • U.S. Constitution

So, succeed these two and the record will be fully transferred.

In conclusion, professors need a particular score for their field of schooling. They have to take exams proper to the rules for training, too. There are 2 types of permissions:

  • Provisional
  • Standard advanced

Afterward, they can apply for renewal and get the usual certificate.

Though, tutors who come from other places have the chance to get a job here. However, they will have to pass the required tests; pay some fees, show their Bachelor’s degree, and also experience in the field. It is a plus especially if you have worked in that area for a long time.

Meanwhile, there are a few places that cooperate with this state. Your permit may be approved only if it is valid and you have results for the 2 tests in three years. Thus, follow the laws to receive a chance to work at schools and in universities.

You can check about insurance on Arizona’s insurance license.

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