Arizona Tattoo License

Arizona Tattoo License

Currently, the state does not require individuals to obtain an Arizona tattoo license as an artist. It does not regulate the industry, which means body art and piercing parlors will not need an inspection. In fact, they do not necessarily need to undergo a special training course. But that does not mean that you are allowed to set up a shop in your house.

In the nearest future, there might be some changes to licensure according to the Republicans. They are probably going to introduce a bill that would require body-art establishments. Overall, it may cover businesses that do tattooing, piercings, and branding. In fact, those individuals who apply will get a certification.

What are the general guidelines in AZ?

In general, local laws set many of the licensing regulations with body art services in Arizona. Considered as specific requirements about performing tattoo artist services these are guidelines as well. Basically, those permanent cosmetic services are now public health and safety concerns. Both the state and county are able to regulate them. In fact, each county has different charges and qualifications to manage training and experience.

So, there is a professional testing organization called Professional Credential Services. It controls practical and written exams. Starting from May 24th, PCS has begun scheduling and testing practical examinations. The application and examination process has not changed. As for paperwork, a state-issued ID is required (e.g. driver’s license).

How to obtain a provisional license?

Last year, in November, the AZ Cosmetology Board distributed the Governor’s Administrative Decree for the allocation of provisional certifications. The reason was the testing capabilities from the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to that, provisional permit holders are probably going to possess an expiration date prolongation to June 30th. They should have those certificates’ expiration date. During this time, license holders must undergo some sufficient steps to receive a certificate.

After May 20th, the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has issued no new provisional certification requests. Anyways, they will process those submitted requests to the Board by May 20. After the issuance, they will have the standard 6-month expiration date. For now, it is better for applicants to obtain their individual certification as soon as they are able to.

How to apply?

Every individual who is submitting an application online must have all of the necessary paperwork ready to upload. This is a separate registration for both versions. Do not go back to the payment portal and pay twice, if you delay from the link. Call 480-784-4539 for additional instructions. The current deadline to process an application is within 8-12 weeks.

In general, the application link is usually at the bottom of your confirmation page. Once you receive confirmation of payment, you are all set then. In case you do not see this, make sure to check your spam folder in the email you provided.

Additional information

Since January 4, 2021, all types of permit holders (individual and salon) need to renew the certifications online. To find out whether you renew a salon or individual one, call the local or state office for clarification. There is no need to submit any kind of application, Basically, for the renewal just click on the same button to visit the link. Make sure you do not mail in it since you will receive any mail back.

In addition, the current legislation manages waste removal from tattoo establishments. In fact, tattoo needles and any garbage that is unprotected for human blood will be disposed of. That refers to the waste induced in the creation of a tattoo. So, an individual who does not follow these requirements is subject to a civil penalty of $500 per violation.

For more information, please apply to…

Arizona State Board of Cosmetology

1740 W Adams #4400
Phoenix AZ 85007
Phone: 480-784-4539

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